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People are talking!

"It was a pleasure working with a professional of your caliber. You made
my job very easy and my group very happy even though I took all the

---Donald C. Parkin, ARAMARK

"Just a thank you for a lovely event. You and your staff provided
MTI's President's Club with an evening that will long be remembered."

---Barbara Le, Director, Marketing Services, MTI

"I would recommend your services to any organization who is considering
an event."

---Terri Ivers, Coca-Cola USA

"As usual, your attention to details made the party an evening to remember. Once again, it was a real pleasure working with you. You make my job easy!"
---Ed Goletz, Exxon Chemical Company/PARAMINS
"On behalf of M&M/MARS, I would like to extend our sincere thanks for
your behind the scene expertise with our customer dinners."

---Karen J. Morgan, M&M/Mars, Inc.

"Your expert coordination of food, lights, staff, buses, dancers, etc.,
etc., etc., created a delightful occasion, which everyone enjoyed."

---Brent Tarnet, SIEMENS

"Many thanks to you and your staff for a job well done. It may be one of the best programs we have produced to date."

---Connie Gray, Senior Meeting Planner, Exxon Company, U.S.A.

"Your staff were true professionals and always on hand to help out when I needed them."

---Cecelia M. Lyons Coordinator, Executive Services MasterCard International

"Can't tell you how much we appreciate the way you handled our meeting. Everything was just perfect, even beyond our best expectations."

--- John DeLoss, BW/IP International

"You are really amazing. Your patience, leadership and ability to "keep it all together" are the marks of a true professional."

--- Cindy C. Hearn, 76 Products Company

"Thank you and your associates for a magnificent performance at our recent conference. Your determination, long hours, and attention to detail were keys to our success." "... satisfying 230 CEOs is a formidable challenge, and you met it with great professionalism."    
--- Jonathan Showe, Chairman, 1996 E.C.A.C. - YPO (Young Presidents Organization )
"Congratulations to you and your travel team for helping to make Maui the most successful Jafra event ever! Your role was instrumental in the total success of the trip! You are professional in every way."
--- Beth Johnson, Jafra Cosmetics
"I want to sincerely express my appreciation and gratitude for your hard work, conscientious effort, and expert advice... you deserve praise from all your clients."  
--- Howard G. Merrowit, McDonnell Douglas Information Systems Company
"Another chapter has been written in the book of successful meetings. Your ability to negotiate function space and ground arrangements in a very difficult situation is sincerely appreciated by all of us here."
--- J. William Wright, ITT Courier Terminal Systems


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