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Hart & Associates offers complete meeting registration services to handle your enrollment process and room block management.

Each database is customized to reflect your specific program requirements. Our proprietary meeting management system has the flexibility to allow us to tailor reports and data fields to your needs. There is no limit to the number of attendees, the number of hotels being utilized, or the number of seminars and activities that we can track. You receive the important information you need in simple and easy-to-read formats.

Our timely and accurate reports save you money! With up-to-the-minute room utilization information and attendance counts, you are able to make informed decisions regarding your room block and function guarantees.


We have comprehensive on-line registration capability. To access our on-line registration, you may choose either to install a link on your company web site that points your attendees directly to your program registration information, or to dial up the Hart & Associates registration access page on the internet. Our access page requests your attendees to enter a password (which you assign) to access your program information. All registrants receive e-mail confirmation when their registration is submitted.

In addition to our electronic registration services, we also accommodate the more conventional methods of registration via the mail, the fax, and of course the phone!

Click here if you would like to view our registration access page.

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